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Customising Your Sex Doll

                 Custom sex doll options explained

When purchasing your sex doll, you will need to decide if you want it “custom made” or “same as photo”.

 Custom made sex dollscustom made sex doll Selecting “Same as Photo” means that your sex doll will be made just like the photos, wigs, skin colour, eyes, etc. You will still be asked to select which vagina and foot option you would like.

 Selecting “custom made” means you get to choose every detail of your sex doll yourself from her head to her toes. We have explained what each of the customisation options mean below


All sex dolls heads have a specific name or number; this can be found in the dolls description. Heads are not permanently attached to the doll meaning it can be removed or changed at any time.

For some sex dolls you can choose to have a TPE head or a Silicone head (depending on the manufacturer). 

If you can’t find the sex doll head that you would like, please contact our friendly team.


The skin refers to the doll’s head and/or body colour. Each manufacturer has different skin colour options; however, most will have a variety ranging from white, light tanned, tanned and black.

Please bear in mind that your sex dolls skin colour may differ slightly to the photos this is due to the photography, lighting and filters used.

Some manufactures offer “Ultra-Realistic body painting”. The dolls look lifelike because of the blood vessels and veins. Attention: If you add this option, don’t rub or wash the doll’s skin too much, which may cause the veins to disappear.

               Hype realism body painting             



The eyes on your sex doll are not permanent and can be removed/changed at any time.

You can choose from a range of different eye colours (depending on the manufacturer) and you can purchase additional eyes if you can’t decide on a colour.

Wigs and Implanted hair:

You can choose from a variety of different wigs for your sex doll.  Each manufacturer has a different selection of wigs available.

If you can’t find the wig you would like please let us know, additionally you may want the same wig in the photo but can’t find it in the wig options. If this is the case please select “same as photo”.

                                         Implanted human hair  


Implanted Hair:  You can also choose to add “implanted hair”.  You can choose between adding human hair or synthetic hair.  Synthetic hair is cheaper but you will not be able to use hot tools to style it.


When choosing the breast options for your sex doll you will have three options;

Areola colour, Areola size and Breasts type (Gel-filled, Hollow or Solid-TPE)

Areola colour:  The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples. The colour is hand finished and can be any colour.

Areola size:  You can choose some a variety of Areola sizes (depending on the manufacturer) usually ranging between 3cm-6cm.

Breast type:  


Gel filled breasts sex doll        Hollow breast type sex dolls.      Solid breast type sex dolls

Solid breast: The most standard breast type. When making a solid-breasted sex doll, the liquid TPE material is poured directly into the mould and when the TPE has cooled and solidified, the entire interior of the breasts will also be solid TPE material. Solid breasts have a realistic look and soft touch, but because they are solid, they are firmer and less elastic than the other two breast types. Solid breasts are suitable for sex dolls with a smaller cup size such as A, B and C cups.

Gel breast: As the name implies, gel-filled breasts are breasts filled with a jelly or gel substance. The gel-filled breast sex doll is the optimal choice for most customers. It is made of a gel material that is softer than solid breasts but firmer and more vivid than hollow breasts. The amazing bounce of these breasts gives you a lifelike touching experience. These gel-based implants are not only much softer, but are also excellent at mimicking real female breasts.  

Hollow breasts: As the name implies, the breasts will be hollow. But there is no need to worry that hollow breasts will give the doll a much less tactile feel. Hollow breasts will feel just as soft as real ones when kneaded, not as soft as Gel breasts, but softer than solid breasts. The hollow boobs have a more prominent advantage in terms of weight, as the hollow boobs eliminate the TPE padding of the solid boobs or the gel material of the jelly boobs, retaining the original soft feel of the TPE.


You can choose from two different vagina options: Fixed or Insert.

Fixed: Permanently moulded into the dolls body.

                                               Fixed vagina option sex doll


  • More aesthetically pleasing/realistic
  • Realistic to touch
  • Easier to use if you are not fully erect.
  • Tightness can be controlled by opening/closing the legs
  • Can be cleaned using a shower hose or sitting the doll over a bucket to wash.


  • Can be harder to wash.


Insert: Looks like fixed, but the opening is slightly wider to allow for a removable sleeve insert, this eases the cleaning process.


                                              insert vagina


  • The insert is removable resulting in easier cleaning.
  • Can be used with a penis adapter.
  • You can purchase different sizes.
  • It can be replaced.


  • Less realistic to touch on the inside
  • Can be additional movement
  • Needs powder to insert and can be fiddley to insert when lubricated.

Vagina/Labia colour:  The Labia can be hand coloured to your choice. It is recommended that you choose the labia colour to match the nipple colour.  

Pubic hair:  

You can opt to go Hollywood, Brazilian or full! Pubic hair is available if different colours and styles.  The way the pubic hair is implanted varies between manufacturers some glue it on while others implant it into the dolls skin. Please feel free to check with us before purchasing your doll.

Fingernail and toenail colour:

You can choose between a variety of different finger and toenail colours.

You can also choose a natural style and paint them with a colour of your choice at home.

Upgraded skeleton/EVO skeleton

The EVO skeleton allows your sex doll to make many poses and positions. The dolls are also able to shrug their shoulders.

You can choose to upgrade your doll to an EVO skeleton in the customisation options.

                         EVO skeleton sex doll

Enhanced mouth:

The enhanced mouth is designed to improve oral sex. The enhanced mouth is ultra-realistic and makes oral sex even more realistic and amazing!

Removable tongue:

The removable tongue can enhance kissing and oral sex but it can get in the way however, it can be fun to play around with.


   removable tongue sex doll oral  

If you are still unsure about how to customise your doll, please contact our friendly team and we will be happy to help you!