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Returns and Order Amendments Policy

Order cancellations

Cancellations within 24 hours of payment 

Cancellations for any reason, within 24 hours of payment will incur a small transaction fee of 5%. This is because we are charged a non-refundable 5% payment processing fee from our payment gateway when an order is placed. Please be aware, if you choose to cancel your order within 24 hours, you will receive a refund of 95%.

Cancellations after 24 hours of payment

All dolls are custom-made to order and immediately sent for processing as soon as payment is received. Therefore, the feasibility of order cancellations beyond the 24-hour grace period will depend on the stage of manufacturer production. If you cancel beyond this point you may be subject to a cancellation fee.

In some instances, we may offer store credit depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.

Once you have received your approval images, cancellation is not possible, and you will not be entitled to a refund.  

Customisation changes 

Whenever possible, we will try our best to help accommodate any changes to your customised made-to-order doll. We ask that you check your order confirmation immediately after your order has been placed and contact us within 24 hours if you need to make any amendments. Beyond this point, changes are limited and will depend on the stage of production that your doll is in and the type of changes you wish to make.

When customising your doll, we ask you to include any additional specifications or questions in the text box available upon order.

We encourage you to take good care when selecting your doll, and its customisable options and welcome you to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Refunds after your order has arrived 

We do not offer refunds or returns for any other reason other than a product damaged on arrival.

In the unlikely event that your doll arrives damaged or broken. Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery with images/videos containing product fault(s). Please keep the doll in its original packaging and do not use the product. We strongly advise taking pictures/videos of the package before opening it.

If you wish to return your item, the customer will be liable to cover the shipping & customs charges.

We encourage you to take your time when placing your order. If you have any questions or want to know more about any of the products we sell, our team would be happy to speak to you.


It is very important to report any problems to our customer support team before using the doll. Due to strict hygiene laws, we are not able to replace or refund any item that has been used by the customer. 

As most of our products are handmade, minor imperfections would not be considered damage, and are therefore not eligible for return. Minor imperfections and repairs can be repaired at home, we are happy to provide guidance on this.  

Minor imperfections include but are not limited to:

Skin imperfections – each doll is carefully hand-crafted, and there may be small differences in the skin from one doll to the next. These are completely normal; doll owners usually refer to these as “characteristics” which make their dolls unique. Minor skin defects such as scratches, dents, and micro-cuts can generally be repaired at home.

Nails – Your doll's nails are loosely adhered to the skin which allows our customers to remove, paint and re-attach as they desire. To glue the nails, simply use TPE-safe glue as instructed in our cleaning & maintenance guidelines.

Make-up – each doll’s make-up is applied by hand, meaning that there may be slight differences.

Eyelashes – Each doll will be shipped wearing a protective eye mask. If anything becomes loose, simply re-attach using TPE/Silicone safe glue. 

Hair – Loose hair or implanted hair shredding.


Changes to our policy 

The above policy supersedes all previous policies or conflicting information on our site, or within other communication platforms. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice.